What should I Bring?

  • You must bring a valid ID on all of our experiences.

  • We will check you in using your ID (no printed confirmation necessary).

Public Floats:

  • We discourage guests from bringing anything valuable with them to the float and on the river. Please leave all large bags at home and come with only your necessities.

  • Before you get in the river, you will leave any valuables you brought in bins on the bus. Please pack a small bag/ something to secure phones/wallets/etc.).

  • The bins will either be locked on the bus, or locked inside the office located at the Exit Point of the river. Your guide will retrieve the bins for your group.

  • We recommend wearing sunglasses, a hat and shoes that you do not mind losing on the river.

  • Water shoes (Chacos, Crocs, etc.) or a cheap pair of flip-flops are perfect for floating.

  • Sunscreen and water are mandatory!

  • Towels are optional, but not necessary.

  • We provide a cooler (1 x 5 people) and BYOB is permitted on the bus and the river.

  • We will stop at a gas station about 20 minutes into the trips so that guests can buy beverages, snacks and ice.