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We live here, we give here.

You have a choice in who you do business with and we want to tell you more about why you should choose us. Just creating unique experiences isn’t enough, we are conscientious about the ways in which we do things. We love our city and are committed to doing our part to make sure our community thrives through the following initiatives.

outline of the state of Texas

Lean Local

Central Texas is full of doers, creators and makers. It’s full of small businesses that put their hearts and souls into what they do. They are passionate about being a tiny part of what makes this spot on the map such a unique one and through our lean local initiatives we aim to support them all as best we can. Without small businesses there is no “weird,” and without the weird there is no Austin.

When you book with us, you help support small businesses.

Give Back

Austin’s nonprofit network is what keeps our city’s heart beating. Beyond volunteering in our personal and professional lives, we empower our guests to make an impact in Austin by supporting different organizations through each experience, and offer private volunteer events for businesses looking to join us in this work. Additionally, we donate 250 experience gift cards each year to charity event auctions. We have been nominated for an Austin Gives Generous Business Award for the last three years.

When you book with us, you give back to local nonprofits.

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moss on the side of a river

Be Sustainable

There’s only one Austin and there’s only one planet, we aim to take care of both. We have a Sustainability Coordinator on staff who recently graduated from University of Texas at Austin in Sustainability Studies and created a plan to help us be a sustainability leader in the tourism industry. We practice a variety of sustainable initiatives to hold ourselves and others accountable. Our goals are to reduce the environmental impact created by our experiences and educate consumers on what it means to live a greener lifestyle. We also organize various clean up events.

When you book with us, you practice conscientious consumerism.

Lead Inclusively

At Austin Tour Company, “all-inclusive” means more to us than just complimentary food and beverages. It means creating experiences where all feel secure and welcome, no matter your race, religion, orientation, or any other trait that makes you as unique as our city. To do so, we aspire to create a community of guides and guests that’s built on joy, empathy, and belonging. Our employees come from diverse backgrounds, and serve as a reminder that not all diversity is visible to the naked eye. Operationally, we strive to accommodate any need, and hope we convey our desire to provide a space to be vulnerable and honest through our values and customer service. Join us on an experience and see how we practice active inclusion.

a group of people tubing down a river holding up a pride flag