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  • Transportation Available
  • Available from March 2024

Big Gay River Float

Quick Details

Person • VIP Bus
Person • No Bus

Float the San Marcos River

There’s no better way to relax and truly live like a local than floating the river. The San Marcos River, just 45 minutes outside of Austin, is spring-fed and the same refreshing temperature all year long. We invite you to sit back, relax, and float your way through the natural lazy river with crystal clear water.


  • Departure from Iron Bear on W 6th St.
  • Round Trip Transportation to and from San Marcos to Float The River.
  • We provide the coolers.
  • We drop in directly at the river entrance so you can grab your tube and jump in.
  • Includes the float tube and one tube with a bottom for you to put your coolers in per five people.
  • Float to last 3.5-4 hours depending on the speed of the river which is altered by the amount of rain we get.
  • Bus and Float are BYOB.
  • You may leave items with us while you’re in the river.
  • Post-float specials and after party at RAIN!

Pick Up & Check In

Please meet us at Iron Bear’s new location (301 W 6th St, Austin, TX 78701) between the hours of 11:00am and 1:00pm on Sunday to check in for the float. If you are on a VIP bus, please be there 30 minutes prior to your scheduled departure.We will send the school buses on flow as soon as they are full so please organize with your crew on what time you would all like to go so that you can all meet at the same time, The last bus will depart at 1:00pm. You do not need to print your ticket, just have your confirmation number handy in your email. We do allow name transfers.

What to Bring

THE BUS AND FLOAT ARE BYOB. Please bring your beverages with you either in your own cooler or in another container, i.e. a case of beer still in the case. We will provide coolers and ice for whoever needs them but you may also bring your own coolers. We recommend purchasing your beverages the night before since alcohol is not available for purchase before 10am on Sunday. We will hold these for you before you board the buses. There is NO GLASS and No Styrofoam allowed. Don’t forget to bring water and put on sunscreen.

Gear Check

We recommend packing very light and only taking yourself, your suit and ID on the river (if you have a pocket that will hold it safely), sometimes law enforcement will randomly check IDs and issue tickets if you don’t have it. People tend to lose shoes, shirts, electronics if they take them on the river. For your convenience we will be tagging all of the bags at check in, once we get to the river you will put anything you don’t want to float with into your bag and give it to your guide before you get off of the bus, you can then pick it up at the end of the float. VIP people can leave their items on the bus during the float. Please bring your own small backpack or drawstring bag to check.

At the River

We will drop you right at the river entrance, once you get off of the bus you will grab the tubes and cooler tubes that we are providing and get into the river, bring rope if you would like to tie to your friends. We will also have can bags for you to tie to your coolers. DO NOT LITTER AT ANY TIME. Please try to stay in proximity of our Austin Tour Company Guides on the river so that you do not miss the bus! They will be wearing pink and black “Bottoms Up” hats! You will exit at Texas State Tubes at the end of the float which is next to Don’s Fish Camp (picture attached). If you miss the exit point, it is very difficult to paddle backwards! We do not allow outside flotation devices. If you do bring them use them as flair rather than for function!

Return & After Party

As soon as you finish floating, get your bag and enjoy some chili you may board a bus back to Austin. These will depart as loaded, the last bus will depart at 6:00pm. We will be dropping the buses off in front of RAIN who will be hosting the after party.